Sprout Shell Featured Retailer: Modern Mommies Toolbox

Started one year ago, Modern Mommies Toolbox is an online resource for parents. Founded by Anna Bignon, a modern mommy herself, the site is a combination store and resource center with “parenting products and tools to make the hardest job on earth a little easier.”

Anna said that as she tried finding products to help her solve the daily challenges parenting brings, it was hard work. Most of the time they were located all over the internet. But, she was happy with her search because she realized there are many great products that “help parents raise well mannered, smart, healthy children.” She was so excited about her finds that she wanted to share them with parents everywhere.

Now, with Modern Mommies Toolbox she is trying to reach more stressed out parents so she can offer solutions to make there lives less stressful and more rewarding. “After all, parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love,” she said.

But, great products are not the only thing Modern Mommies has to offer. It is also a site where parents can come to network and connect with each other. They can chat, ask questions and offer advice to other parents.

There are also several parenting articles to help caregivers with problems or questions they have.

Anna says her favorite part of running her business is helping other people. “When I can help a parent find a solution to a problem that has been causing turmoil within the family, I can’t tell you the joy that brings to me.”

She is offering Sprout Shell readers a 20% discount on their order from Modern Mommies Toolbox. Just call to place your order and mention the Sprout Shell blog.

(A few lucky people could snag the beloved Pink Lotus infant carrier cover while it’s in stock!)