How Was Your “Labor Day?”

In honor of Labor Day, I thought I’d share my first labor story with you, then I’d love to hear your stories too! I wavered a bit when deciding to write this story–how real and honest to make it. It’s hard for me to share a lot (we’ve been over this…

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Learn how to use one product many ways throughout your day

Day In The Life of a Versatile Carseat Cover

So, I know you can probably tell by the photos I take that I use the Sprout Shell all the time in my real life. It started with my son and his trip home from the hospital. But back then we didn’t know all the fun and useful ways you…


Your Car Seat Covers Are Here

I’m so excited about our new prints! I think this may be one of my favorite collections we’ve ever had. We have EIGHT new patterns, I think that’s a record all at once, and they’re sure to make their owners the coolest and most stylish little ones around! So, here…

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World Breastfeeding Week Supported By Little Ones

I’m excited to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7th. This year the them is Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal–For Life!  The  theme asserts the importance of increasing and sustaining the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding. As a mom, I’ve loved breastfeeding my three babies. Truthfully–it wasn’t all fun and sometimes it…

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smore cookies

S’more Delight Cookies

I needed some cookies. I hadn’t baked in a a couple of weeks and I just really wanted some cookie dough (yes, I know it’s bad.) So I started with the basics, not really following a specific recipe, until I suddenly thought of the S’more ingredients I had in my…

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Organic Cotton Prints are Coming to our Covers

I’m so excited that we’re finally able to offer organics as part of our lineup! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now, and the fact that it’s becoming a reality makes me so happy! We’ve looked long and hard, and we finally found prints that we hope…

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Something New For Our Car Seat Cover

Hi! Something I’ve been waiting for is finally happening and I’m so excited! It’s coming to our line in August, and it is an even greater step towards fulfilling our mission of doing good for Mom and Baby. Like our Facebook Page and comment on the post with this picture…

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Celebrating Independence Day With Less Stress

As with any big day or holiday, it can wreck havoc on a baby’s schedule. And with the number of “required” traditional activities associated with July 4th, it can be one of the worst. But, there is a way through it that will make you and your little one happy.…


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The One Cover That Does It All

If you’ve ever visited our blog or website before you know who we are and what the Sprout Shell is. For you newbies, welcome! Prepare to have your world rocked–you’ll never look at another car seat cover the same way again. Since this is our blog, we’ve written about it probably…

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mini confetti kids

Your New Online Stop for Fun, Eco Baby Gear

I’m so excited to share this company with you today. Mini Confetti Kids is a new online shop for parents who want products for their babies and kids that are eco friendly, colorful and fun. Founder, Gleidy Wetzel, is a mom of two little ones who has always had a love…