Safely Protect What’s Most Precious

Circling Around car seat cover

As a new mom, the thing I wanted most was to protect my precious little baby from the big wide world.

And as much as I wanted to stay safely inside, I had to get out and run errands, or take him to his well checks.

That’s why having a cover for his car seat that was both safe, and practical was so important to me.

I needed to keep all the ickies in the environment–and those strangers that like to look with their hands–away from him.

In those first months, whenever we were outside I had my Sprout Shell cover on him and felt so much relief, knowing I was doing what I could to keep him safe.

Then, the more I used it, the more I realized what it could do. It became my go-to accessory for covering everything!

Now you can keep your precious baby protected too, wherever you go, with the only cover you need.


  • Baby car seat cover
  • Nursing cover
  • Shopping cart cover
  • High chair cover
  • Swing Cover
  • Bib and more

 Infant Car Seat Cover: How it helps you–
The hole in the top lets you hold the handle securely. And, you can see your baby without lifting it up.
Elastic keeps it from blowing up, falling in on baby–or falling off into the street.
Protects babies from the elements and nosy strangers who like to touch, plus its’ a cozy nap-time environment.

Green Lattice Nursing Cover
Nursing Cover: How it helps you–
It’s always with you–you won’t forget it!
It slips over your head and around your shoulders in seconds
Elastic keeps Baby from lifting it up before you’re ready

shopping cart cover

Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover: How it helps you–
It keeps Baby protected from germs on trips to the grocery store or out to eat!^
It’s easy to attach and remove, so you can get on your way faster
It helps protect Baby’s clothes from food that falls in their lap

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